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Sharing Jesus with Muslims - 30th Anniversary Edition


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Get the 30th Anniversary (autographed) Edition of our founder's latest release. $20 of your purchase will support our church plant efforts in the four largest Muslim countries - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

In Sharing Jesus with Muslims, Fouad Masri shares a step by step strategy for Christians to set aside fear, excuses, and differences in order to share the good news of Jesus. Rich with stories and conversation starters, the book gives readers tangible and respectful ways to initiate friendships and minister to the felt needs of Muslims.

Are Muslims worthy of the Gospel? Can average Christians share the hope of Christ without being experts in Islam? Walls fall down when individual Christians, infused with the love of Christ, become ambassadors to Muslims. So what are the biblical steps for an effective witness?

In Sharing Jesus with Muslims, author and ministry leader, Fouad Masri, provides a practical starting point for Christians to begin communicating with Muslims. Rich with stories, conversation starters and activity examples, the book gives readers tangible ways to initiate friendships and minister to the felt needs of Muslims.

Features of Sharing Jesus with Muslims:

  • Conservation starters for Christians to talk with Muslims
  • Insight into Muslim culture including do's and don'ts
  • Biblical responses to issues relevant to Islam
  • Stories with practical application from Fouad Masri's forty years of ministry to Muslims
  • Discipleship materials for ministering to Muslims

Masri's Sharing Jesus with Muslims is an accessible invitation into the joy of serving and relating to Muslims. Void of judgmental spirit or guilt trips, pastors, ministry leaders and Christians will find their relationships with Muslims enhanced by the principles in Sharing Jesus with Muslims regardless of their level of experience with ministry to Muslims.


Editorial Reviews

'Who better than Fouad Masri to give the Church a tutorial on reaching Muslims for Jesus Christ? I can think of no one. In this book, Brother Fouad lets you into his world, his years of sharing his life and love for the Lord Jesus Christ with countless Muslim men and women. As you walk with him, you too will gain confidence to obey our Lord's commission to make disciples of all nations, including the Muslim ones.' -- Dr. David Garrison, Missionary author, A Wind in the House of Islam, Executive Director, Global Gates

'Fouad Masri uses his unique platform to address what many of us consider a unique audience--but in reality the religion he masterfully addresses and counters represents one of the world's largest followings.' -- Jerry Pattengale, founding scholar of Museum of the Bible (DC), University Professor, Indiana Wesleyan University, and author of forthcoming book The New Book of Christian Martyrs

'Since 1993 there has been a 'voice in the wilderness' with a focused clarion call to Christ followers. Fouad Masri has consistently called the Church to the mission of looking beyond one's personal boundaries and biases to share the hope of Jesus with Muslims personally and relationally. This book is unique to all other of his writings in this: There has not in recent history been a time when the role of Jesus has been more misunderstood and vague. The bottom line of what we are called to share with Muslims, touted creatively in this writing, is Jesus. All the cups of coffee, iftar gifts, and friendship building are meaningless unless Christ Jesus is made real through us to our Muslim neighbor. This book challenges the reader beyond fascination toward personalization of the Gospel.' -- Steve Helm, Executive Director of Crescent Project and pioneer in developing sustainable "business as mission" enterprise solutions in over nine countries

'In this book you will come across not only academic material but practical, simple ways to reach Muslims with the Gospel. I read this book more than once and was amazed to see how Fouad takes us on a journey through different parts of the world and different situations--with testimonies of Muslims responding to the Lord Jesus. I also appreciated his focus on the Word of God as the main source in our witness to Muslim friends. The book not only gives us practical ways to reach Muslim friends, but also reminds us of our responsibility to care for them once they have come to Christ.' -- Dr. Samuel Naaman, Professor of Intercultural Studies, Director of MBI Missions Conference, Moody Bible Institute

'Every Christian will benefit from this book. It will help you better understand your faith, and it'll prepare you to lovingly and compellingly share of the message of Jesus with Muslims who matter massively to God. Read it for encouragement. Read it for clarity. Read it to deepen your compassion and increase your spiritual confidence. Just be sure to read it!' -- Mark Mittelberg, author of the new Contagious Faith book and training course, and Executive Director of the Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics (


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