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Sahara Challenge Bundle
Crescent Project

Sahara Challenge Bundle

  • Adha in the Injeel by Fouad Masri     
  • Ambassadors to Muslims by Fouad Masri     
  • Connecting with Muslims  by Fouad Masri
  • Do Christians Worship Three Gods?  by Fouad Masri       
  • Is Injeel Barnaba True?  by Fouad Masri     
  • Is Muhammad in the Bible? by Fouad Masri     
  • Is the Injeel Corrupted?  by Fouad Masri 
  • Who Died on the Cross?  by Fouad Masri     
  • Who is Isa Bin Maryam?  by Fouad Masri  
  • Foreign to Familiar  by Sarah Lanier   

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