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Unlock the Truth Complete Series
Crescent Project

Unlock the Truth Complete Series


by Fouad Masri

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  • Do Christians Worship Three Gods?
  • Is Injeel Barnaba True?
  • Is Muhammad in the Bible?
  • Is the Injeel Corrupted?
  • Who Died on the Cross?
  • Who is Isa bin Maryam?

Across the Muslim world, it is common to believe that Christians worship three gods. Is this accusation unfounded?

When Injeel Barnaba appeared, many Islamic teachers trusted it as the only reliable record of Jesus’ life. But is it historically accurate?

Some Muslims claim that his coming was prophesied in the Bible. While many Christians respect Muhammad and the position of Muslims, they claim the Bible never mentions the prophet or his coming.

Both Muslims and Christians honor the Injeel, or New Testament. But somewhere along the line, Muslims began viewing the Book of Jesus as unreliable and unimportant to read and obey.

Islamic leaders across the Muslim world teach that Jesus did not die on the cross; to have done so would degrade Jesus as one of the greatest prophets. Did Jesus die on the cross?

Christians revere Jesus as the Son of God and believe he is the Savior. Muslims also respect Jesus, but as a prophet equal to Moses, Abraham and David. But was Jesus more than a prophet? Or are Christians deceived?

The Unlock the Truth series presents Fouad Masri's search for the truth on each of these issues facing Muslims and Christians.


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